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In order to make the payment of the French classes easier and in order to limit contacts, the French Institute strongly encourages users to pay the amounts due using JCC:

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L’Institut français est l’opérateur de l’action culturelle extérieure de la France. Il a été créé par la loi du 27 juillet 2010 relative à l’action extérieure de l’État et par son décret d’application du 30 décembre 2010.

Catholic Ascension Day

Due to the Catholic Ascension Day, the French Institute of Cyprus will be closed to the public on Thursday, May 26.

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French courses 2022 - 2023

Discover our French courses offer for the school year 2022 - 2023 ! Children - Teenagers  - On place courses for adults - Online intensive courses for adults.

Subscriptions from 16th May to 9th September 2021: 22 45 93 33/4/5 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. - Courses start: Monday  12 September 2022

Invitations DELF-DALF Junior and Prim

Invitations to the May 2022 DELF-DALF Junior and Prim exam session are available on your accounts on the exam’s platform:

French Presidency of the Council of European Union (PFUE)

European cultural programm of the french presidency of the council of the european union

Mission of the French Institute of Cyprus

Like many institutions in the world, the French Institute of Cyprus covers all missions defined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

  • To promote and disseminate French culture and language. The institute acts for a living Francophonie in connection with the Cypriot authorities.
  • To favour cultural exchanges (plastic and performing arts), co-produce shows in Cyprus in link with French artistic creation, to create partnerships with local institutions and associations.
  • To enhance student mobility and to promote higher education in France or in French in Cyprus.
  • To strengthen scientific cooperation.
  • Thus, the programme of the French Institute of Cyprus covers all fields of cultural, artistic and literary, educational and linguistic, academic and scientific cooperation through multiple actions: exhibitions, conferences, debates, cinema, concerts, dance performances and drama, French classes, teacher training, etc.

We invite you to visit frequently our website which will, hopefully, illustrate the dynamism of Franco-Cypriot cooperation.

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