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PhD in Mechanical Engineering

Proposal for a doctoral contract in mechanical engineering open to EU nationals only. This thesis is the result of a partnership between the Safran company and ENIB (Brest National School of engineering).  Mechanical Engineering Thesis Offer.

TIGER Excellence Master’s Scholarship

Support your studies up to €10,000 a year during two years ! How to apply ? click here

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Scolarships M1 & M2 UGA

The Grenoble Alpes University, UGA, is launching a new Master's program. Scholarships of 16,000 Euros (for 2 years) are offered to foreign students enrolling in the courses of this program. Quantum - Soft-Nano - Terra

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French + Sciences programs

Campus France is launching a new programme for short study stays in sciences, "French ⨁ Sciences", in partnership with the centers of FLE (French as a foreign language). The creation of this programme is meant for English-speaking students enrolled in science and technology universities and who can be complete beginners in French. French⨁Sciences

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