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Pourquoi choisir la France ?


Make your dream come true ... Come study in France!

Which student are you?

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Low cost studies in France

The cost of studies in France is one of the lowest worldwide. The French State covers a good part of tuition fees that foreign students attend to in public higher education institutions.

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The guide of certified French language centers

logo qualité fleHow to choose a French language center in France ? please consult the  guide of certified French as a foreign language quality centres


French higher education degrees are organized according to a common European structure composed of three cycles (Bachelor-Master-PhD). This takes into account years or semesters validated since entering higher education (and their corresponding ECTS):

  • Bachelor = 6 semesters (180 ECTS) (Baccalauréat or equivalent + 3 years of study)
  • Master – 10 semesters – 300 ECTS (Baccalauréat or equivalent + 5 years of study)
  • Doctorat – 16 semesters (Baccalauréat or equivalent + 8 years of study)

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