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Institut Polytechnique de Paris

IP Paris offers more than 70 master’s degrees and PhD tracks in many fields Biology, Physics, Applied Mathematics, Energy, Computer Science, Sociology, etc…

Discover all our master’s degrees and PhD tracks

The Institut Polytechnique de Paris (IP Paris) is a public higher education and research institution that brings together five prestigious French engineering schools: École Polytechnique, ENSTA Paris, ENSAE Paris, Télécom Paris and Télécom SudParis. Under the auspices of the Institute, they share their bicentennial combined expertise to fulfil two major ambitions: to develop training programs of excellence and cutting-edge research.

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World-class Institute

Thanks to the anchoring of its five Founding Schools, IP Paris is positioned as a leading educational and research institution in France and internationally. Indeed, all its institutions have contributed to the major industrial and technological discoveries of the last two centuries. Among their graduates are Nobel Prizes as well as renowned personalities from the political, economic and research world.

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A multidisciplinary approach

IP Paris has stet-up 10 scientific working groups, encompassing faculty members of its five institutions, to elaborate multidisciplinary training and research programs. This multidisciplinary approach allows to create synergies between different fields, for example by promoting the application of new technologies to traditional engineering fields such as physics or transport.

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High level educational programs

IP Paris has set up a selective recruitment process and guaranties the employability of its graduate within companies, the state and the academic world. IP Paris and its Institutions offer under graduate and post graduate educational programs in various fields: Bachelor degree (at École Polytechnique), masters (Engineering curriculum, Master’s Degrees), PhD programs. IP Paris Institutions also offer Masters of Science and Technologies, Advanced Masters, and Executive Education. IP Paris educational Programs enable future graduates to acquire the necessary skills to adapt to an increasingly competitive job market. In addition to the educational programs of its founding institutions, IP Paris has developed 15 Master’s programs in a wide range fields including traditional scientific disciplines such as physics and biology but also major contemporary subjects such as digital or renewable energies.

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Ambitious PhD programs

A research at the best level relies on doctoral students with high potential. On the one hand, IP Paris will offer classic three-years PhD programs in a variety of disciplinary fields. The doctoral research conducted within IP Paris is based on 30 laboratories and takes place in a high-quality scientific environment. On the other hand, in the context of a strong international recruitment competition, IP Paris aims at deploying an ambitious five-year PhD program that will welcome high-level students wishing to focus their studies on research already at the end of their Bachelor’s degree. The ultimate goal is to double the number of PhD students in its laboratories.

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A cutting-edge research Institute

IP Paris brings together 30 research laboratories and interdisciplinary innovation centers. The research programs developed by scientific research working groups allows to define key research areas and to develop pluridisciplinary research projects in partnership with companies. The research is organized around five priority areas: energy and climate change, security, digital, technology and health. IP Paris also aims at strengthening social sciences research which have become key element to guarantee an innovation with a strong economic and societal impact.

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An international campus near Paris

Located 20 km from Paris, the IP Paris campuswelcome its five funding institutions since the end of october 2019. This international campus on the plateau of Saclay offers all the necessary facilities for students and faculty members. Thanks to its privileged geographical situation and its accessibility by public transports, the students and faculty can benefit from the economic dynamism and the cultural wealth of the city of Paris.

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For more information on studies programmes: Institut Polytechnique de Paris.

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