Street Dance & Street Art

Street Dance Festival, workshops and battles (Hip-hop & Break dance) « Stop & Go » and painting of a mural on stage « The Abduction of Europa » 29 January at 1:00pm (battles) & 30 January at 3:00pm (show). Latsia Municipal Theater.


Participants: Rebel Dancers School, French, Greek and Cypriot dancers. French, Cypriot and most probably German and/or Italian Street Art artists.

Awards ceremony: The French Institute of Cyprus and the French Embassy will award prizes to the winners in the "Battles" and "Choreography" categories.

The first prize « Battles » will be awarded on January 29 by the French Institute of Cyprus. 

The first prize « Choreography » will be awarded on January 30 by the Embassador of France at Latsia Municipal Theater. 

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Institut français de Chypre