Culturegamer, Discover the best of French independent video games

The Institut français launched last July, a website dedicated to independent French video games, which promotes creations and creators in this very dynamic sector.

  • more than 150 video games which showcase the originality and diversity of French creation, classified according to different typologies, :

○ Societal and cultural themes: Art & heritage, Citizenship & diversity, Education, Literature & fantasy, History & Civilization, Music & Dance, Nature & Animals, Sciences, Sport ;

○ Game categories: adventure, sport and competition, narrative, role-playing games, simulation, arcade...

  • a directory of the main video game creators, studios, publishers, distributors, events and organizations in France.
  • resources to better understand the video game industry

Currently listing more than 300 references (games and actors), Culturegamer will continue to be fed in the coming months.

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