French cinema at the Rialto Theater

The Rialto Theater in Limassol, in collaboration with the French Institute of Cyprus, the French Institute of Greece and the Alliance Française de Limassol, will screen three French films with double subtitles in Greek and English in the framework of the Francophonie Season 2021. Rialto Theater: Andrea Drousioti 19, Limassol 3040 - Information: 25 34 39 00. Program

Notre DameNotre Dame

 Date: 25 /06

 Director: Valérie Donzelli (2019 / France, Belgium / 88’)

 Actors: Valérie Donzelli, Pierre Deladonchamps, Thomas Scimeca

 Synopsis: Maud wins the opportunity to refurbish the iconic Notre Dame. Personal and professional issues stand in comical tension as she goes through an emotional storm.


Felicita Felicità  

 Date: 28 /06

 Director:  Bruno Merle (2020 / France / 82')

 Actors: Pio Marmai, Rita Merle, Camille Rutherford

 Synopsis: For Tim and Chloe, happiness is day-to-day and unattached. But tomorrow summer ends. Their daughter, Tommy, is going back to school and this year, they promise, she won't miss that big date.


Vif ArgentBurning Ghost (Vif-argent)

 Date: 30 /06

 Director:  Stéphane Batut (2019 / France,104’)

 Actors: Thimotée Robart, Judith Chemla, Saadia Bentaïeb

 Synopsis: Juste, a lonely young man who lives in a hovel in northeast Paris can literally see dead people, whom he meets on the street and kindly accompanies to the afterlife. Juste himself seems to be stuck in a sort of limbo: He’s allowed to exist in our world but can’t really be a part of it, wandering around as if he were a fugitive on the run while working in a tailoring shop for pocket change.

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