Fête du court métrage 2021

Every year, the Institut français partners with the Fête du court métrage and promotes the short film festival worldwide. A selection of short films will be available online for free on this dedicated page from March 1st to 30th.

Different, so what?

5 recent short films, to sensitize viewers to the right to be different by representing figures who stand out from the norm. This program composed of fictions presents the vision of young authors on the question of difference.

  • Chien bleu by Jérémy Trouilh, Fanny Liatard (00:17:00, fiction)
  • Beautiful Loser by Maxime Roy (00:24:30, fiction)
  • Fatiya by Marion Desseigne-Ravel (00:19:00, fiction)
  • Venerman by Tatiana Vialle, Swann Arlaud (00:18:00, fiction)
  • Miss Chazelles by Thomas Vernay (00:21:45, fiction)

The 3rd Stage of the Paris Opera

At the Opéra national de Paris, creation never stops and knows even fewer bounds. In this regard, the Paris Opera has created the 3rd stage, an unclassifiable space for experimentation where artists of all backgrounds are invited to forge links with the world of opera. Here is a selection of these works offering an interweaving of inspirations around movement.

  • Degas et moi by Arnaud Des pallières (00:19:15)
  • Violetta by Julie Deliquet (00:18:31)
  • Les divas du Taguerabt by Karim Moussaoui (00:15:32)

 FDC 2021 Poster