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The olive tree in the Mediterranean

The French Institute of Cyprus welcomes from 19 January to 16 February 2018 the interactive exhibition The olive tree in the Mediterranean, in French and in Greek; produced by the Centre-Sciences Orléans.

On this occasion you are cordially invited on Thursday 18 January at 7 pm to an evening around the theme of the olive tree. A conference  in English will be organized. Four presentations will be delivered by:

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Nicolas Jarraud, Assistant Vice President, The Cyprus Institute: What lies beneath: The secret love affair between Olive trees and fungi

Maria Emmanouilidou, Agricultural Research Officer,Olive Technology Laboratory , Agricultural Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment: Quality of olive products

Evi Margaritis, Assistant professor, The Cyprus Institute: The Queen of all Trees: olives and olive oil in the Aegean and Cyprus in Prehistory

Nicolas Nétien, Farmer and environmental engineer: The case for a regenerative agriculture

Venue: French Institute of Cyprus. The conference will be followed by a cocktail offered by the Institute.